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Entrepreneur, revolutionary author, anti-racism wellness coach,and motivational speaker

Rose Francois is a leader in the nonprofit education sector with over eight years of higher education, talent development, program quality and delivery, career coaching, and leadership development. Rose is also the author of A Generational Cry: Based on A True Story of the Haitian Revolution and founder and principal of A Rising Up Coaching. Rose is a board member at GiveSankofa and DEI Coach at Developing Capacity Coaching. She is the Co-Chair of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging leadership team at Opportunity@Work. 

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Rose Francois was born in Port-au-prince, Haiti, and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She is the middle child of seven kids raised by a single mother - whom she drew inspiration from at an early age. Rose earned her undergrad in Communications and began working at Florida State College at Jacksonville, where she started her education career. 

Rose had the opportunity to work for and with Duval County Public Schools to encourage students to attend college. Soon after, Rose left higher ed to experience deeper learning and development in a workforce development program called Year Up. Year Up was a transformative place that helped develop Rose as a leader.

As a Program and Diversity leader, Rose had the opportunity to create and build equitable processes to ensure success for her teams. The four years at Year Up made a 360 in Rose's career. Rose continues to help shift mindsets by conducting equity training, 1:1 coaching, and speaking engagements in her writing and soon-to-be podcast. 

Rose loves people and processes. She is a lifelong learner who earned certifications in performance coaching,  Becoming a leader: by making sound decisions, Allyship training, and exercising conscious leadership for equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and empowerment. 

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