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Thanks For Bringing Me Back: Jenna Pascual

Hi, brave people! Please meet Jenna Pascual, a laughter yoga leader, personal development coach, and Amalu Coaching certified coach. During episode five of the Thanks for Bringing Me Back podcast, I was so moved by Jenna Pascual's ability to be brave, calming, and inspiring all at once.

Jenna is on a mission to help people experience more joy, connection, and presence through her signature Laughter Yoga workshops and Self-Love Coaching program.

Her previous clients include Google, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Roche Diagnostics, Shriners Children’s Hospital, and UH Manoa. Losing her mom at age 15 and navigating a repetitive stress diagnosis while working full-time at Facebook inspired her to bring wellness to the workplace and to help others prioritize self-care.

Jenna is originally from the Bay Area, Jenna Pascual is a Laughter Yoga Leader and Personal Development Coach who currently resides on the magical island of O‘ahu. Her journey began after grappling with anxiety and depression following the loss of her mother at age 15, and later, facing a repetitive stress disorder while employed at Facebook. Today, she is dedicated to a noble cause: enhancing well-being in the corporate world and empowering women to pursue their dreams. Her clientele includes prominent teams from companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Salesforce, as well as women across the globe. Jenna has also been featured on Hawaii News Now and The Maui News, making her a recognized figure in her field. To learn more, visit and follow her on Instagram @jennapascual.

Connect with Jenna and her work below.

Until next time.

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