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You deserve to live a life where purpose is at the center of everything you do. You deserve to have complete clarity and confidence in your purpose with the complete resources and community support. I’m here to help you discover and sustain them. 

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Rose Francois is a revolutionary author, anti-racism wellness coach, educator, DEI leader, career development guru, and lover of people. She is the founder of A Rising Up Coaching,  a generational movement to help leaders learn how to begin and sustain anti-racism work while protecting their peace. Rose’s purpose in life is to use her voice to empower others to do the same

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An Anti-Racism Framework Inspired by the Haitian Revolution


Badass Black Girl

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We can change the world one breakthrough at a time.

  • Become clear on who you are, why you are, how you are, and what you ne...

  • Build community alongside others & learn how to amplify equitable prac...

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"I’ve never had anyone listen the way that Rose listens. She took the time to learn about who I am before offering any advice. She asks really thoughtful questions and cares deeply about solving problems by means of understanding individuals. This is no easy task, but what I appreciate about Rose and her framework is how they both are centered around people first."

Jennifer Gmerek

Marketing Professional 

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"Rose is a rare gem - not only does she have a unique, creative, and expert approach to DEIB, but she also knows how to facilitate conversations that bring out everyone's authentic selves. Rose is also a captivating public speaker across interviews, workshops, videos and more. In addition to her DEIB work, I saw Rose's first-hand experience connecting great talent to new career opportunities. She is professional and personable, mission and relationship-driven - a recipe for success."

Rebece Gehman  
Strategic Communications

Public Speaking Coach 

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"Thank you Rose for providing an excellent training on A Rising Up during the The BEE FREE Institute's BFW MasterClass on Bias and Identity. Your session provided students with concrete tools to guide and coach others on how to become purposefully involved in racial justice work. I took notes on how to adjust my own approach to the work. The presentation was interactive and students also left with a deeper connection to their own purpose. I highly recommend your A Rising Up session to anyone looking to adopt a framework for guiding individuals into racial justice activism!"

Dr. Annice Fisher

Founder, CEO, Coach

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A Generational Cry

Our greatness lives within our differences, and the world wants to divide us. Still, we must unite in every arena, bringing different perspectives, cultures, diversity, and ideas.

A Generational Cry is a literary weapon on how to begin and sustain anti-racism work.


 Based on A True Story of the Haitian Revolution

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