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Thanks For Bringing Me Back: Kathy Tan

During episode five of the Thanks for Bringing Me Back podcast, I had an amazing time connecting with Kathy Tan. Kathy is not only my dear friend but also an incredibly brilliant entrepreneur, a first-generation Chinese and Filipina American, the daughter of immigrants, and a passionate advocate for personal and professional development.

Kathy Tan is the Founder & CEO of Amalu Coaching, LLC, holds a Master's in Social Entrepreneurship & Change with research focused on gender-based violence: domestic violence and sexual assault in women and girls and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. With over seven years of experience and a trauma-informed and equity-centered approach, she's a dedicated personal and professional development coach helping individuals, couples, and groups break through barriers, develop healthier relationships with themselves and others, and live authentically from their highest selves on their journey towards holistic wellness. Kathy has 40 hours of training as a domestic violence peer counselor and a Certificate of Completion for Healthy Families Series training. As a first-generation Chinese and Filipina American and daughter of immigrants, Kathy brings a unique perspective to her work.

Amalu Coaching, LLC, created out of her personal experiences impacted by domestic violence and the surge of abuse cases during the pandemic, offers top-tier services in trauma healing, wellness tools, community support, and personalized coaching. Their focus is on transforming behaviors and mindsets with an approach that balances empathy and accountability. While it primarily serves the Asian American Pacific Islander community affected by domestic violence, services are open to all adults aged 18+. 10% of all proceeds are donated to organizations fighting against domestic violence reflecting Amalu's commitment to making a meaningful and transformational impact in the community.


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