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Thanks For Bringing Me Back: O.B. Amaechi

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

The second episode of the podcast Thanks For Bringing Me Back had a profound impact. We get the pleasure of hearing O.B. Amaechi's story. O.B. starts his story with a memory from his youth that revealed a hidden calling he had for leadership in the future.

O.B. used to wait for the bus at the bus stop and would walk home from school. One day, while he was waiting for the bus, a mother spotted him among the other children and asked if he would walk her son home for a year. His subsequent steps taught him the undeniable truth about having a significant impact on other people's lives.

The story of O.B. continues as a teacher who mentors other educators as well as students. His humble path to leadership coaching began with him, and the lessons he discovered are priceless. To learn more about his story, I urge you to listen to episode two.

Check out some of his contagious comments below:

Contagious Comments:

  • We must first have faith and exercise patience in order to experience transformation.

  • My journey has taught me that success requires a framework for learning: belief, patience, and a positive impact.

  • It’s not enough to believe. We must believe that everyone is competent.

Remember to be grateful, be kind, be forgiving, be you, and be brave.

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