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Thanks For Bringing Me Back: Rose Francois

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Hi brave people! I did a thing. I started the Thanks For Bringing Me Back podcast series. I am so grateful and excited for our journey together. I have an incredible line up of guest I will be interviewing so stay tuned post my debut episode.

In the very first episode of this gratitude series, we dive into a few stories when I operated as a different version of myself. Sharing my story and listening to the episode was cathartic, so I can only imagine how you will feel upon listening to the episode. A few takeaways from this episode are below:

Contagious Comments

  • You are worthy, seen, loved, and heard. God loves and sees you.

  • Take only what you need from the past, and don't bring what doesn't serve you.

  • Live with boundaries; they are meant to protect you.

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